The story of a fearful dragon that could.

Nightlight is a 3-D animated short that follows Patches, a stuffed dragon whose childlike, nonsensical fears mirror those of his young owner Lily. When danger enters her bedroom late one night, Patches must overcome his anxiety to protect his best friend from the things that go bump in the night.

Patches Turnaround
Patches Character Sheet
Environment Sketch 1
Environment Sketch 2
Nightlight Screenshot 1
Nightlight Screenshot 3
Environment Lighting 2
Nightlight Screenshot 2
Environment Lighting 3

First Steps

First Steps is a 3-D animated short that follows Kuru, a small monster who has just been born. As he learns to take his first steps, the young creature searches for his family in this strange, new world.

Kuru 3D Turnaround
Kuru Character Sheet
First Steps Screenshot 4
First Steps Screenshot 2
First Steps Screenshot 1
First Steps Screenshot 3


Resonant is a 3-D animated soundscape that utilizes abstract shapes and movements to portray the essence and character of sound.

Resonant Screenshot 1

3-D Still Life

BGSU 2019 Undergrad Art Show

3D Stilllife