BGSU 2020 Undergrad Art Show

Monochrome is a side-scroller / platformer game created in Processing and Adobe Photoshop that explores the relationship between color and the atmospheric mood of an environment.


– Collect colors to customize your environment! When the character sprite comes in contact with the “essence” of a color, that color is added to its environment.

– If a color is greyed out / added to the world, click on the color’s “essence” to bring it back / remove it from the world.


– Left arrow key to move left

– Right arrow key to move right

– Up arrow key to jump

– Space-bar to reset ALL colors

Downloadable Game

Game Sprite GIF
Monochrome Screenshot 2
Monochrome Screenshot 1


BGSU 2020 Undergrad Art Show

Onward is an interactive artwork created in Processing. It was inspired by the abstract contemporary styles of Kandinsky, Vasarely, and Albers.

Instructions / Controls:

-Clickable objects / areas are denoted by the hand cursor.

-Press the space bar to reset the entire environment.

Downloadable Environment

Onward Screenshot 1
Onward Screenshot 3
Onward Screenshot 2


Paranoia is an experimental, non-linear narrative experience coded in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It aims to emulate the feeling of paranoia and the obsessive, repetitive thoughts that often follow hand-in-hand.

No Foul Fodder

No Foul Fodder is an environmental take on the classic “falling fruit” style minigame. It is coded in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.


Illumination is a pair of images created in Processing through the use of data visualization techniques applied to photos with high contrast, colorful sources of light.

Illumination Part 1
Illumination Part 2