BGSU 2019 Undergrad Art Show

Printmaking – 2nd Place

Definition is a photo lithographic print addressing the refusal of the Ohio Department of Health to change gender markers on the birth certificates of transgender citizens, regardless of any surgeries or legal changes they may have made. This ban both serves to legally invalidate transgender identities within the state, and place those affected in a state of permanent uncertainty and contradiction regarding their legal gender.


Digital Painting Series

Endangered is a series of mock field studies centered on critically endangered animal species, including the Atlantic puffin, black rhino, and tiger. The collection is designed to bring attention to these species’ vulnerable statuses, as well as humanity’s part in their reduced numbers through such actions as habitat destruction, pollution, and poaching.

Euphoria Dysphoria

Digital Painting

Momento Mori

Digital Painting Series

Catalog: Pie

Digital Painting


Linocut Print

Marie’s Tower

Etching Print